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Introducing the Reusable Bag Loaner Program
Only at City Hardware!
Ever get to the checkout line only to realize you left your reusable tote at home or in the car?  What to do?!
Like us, you’re environmentally conscious, and try to conserve resources wherever possible, so suddenly you are caught in a conundrum of giant proportions!
Well, NO MORE!
Your friends at City Hardware. always the innovators, have developed a reusable bag loaner program...just for you!
We’ll lend you one of our very snazzy and much sought after City Hardware Totes for a small fee, which we will donate in its entirety to Terra Pass to support alternative energy generating projects!  (We’re talking a really small a really, just a quarter.)
Come on in and ask us about borrowing a City Hardware reusable tote.  And you can always buy one of your very own for just $1.49...and we’ll donate 100% of the profit to Terra Pass!
Together we can reduce the amount of plastic and paper bags we discard.  And that’s a good thing.  Your mom would be proud of you.
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