The boss.  (As with most bosses, not very helpful and can often be found sleeping in the back office.)
Hailing from Beacon Hill, Seattle, Chris is most known for his humorous personality and perseverance to get the job done.  He recently moved to the great city of Seattle from Point Pleasant, New Jersey.  Back in New Jersey, He worked at an Ace Hardware as an associate helping hundreds of people a day with his knowledge of general home improvement.  He likes to get a "hands on" feeling of any project you give to him, and won't quit until he has your problem solved. Look for him when you visit City Hardware and you're sure to leave with a smile on your face!
Jenn came to City Hardware with almost 10 years of paint and hardware experience and has been here since the beginning.  Originally from Wisconsin, but grew up in California, she is a huge fan of the Green Bay Packers and the sunshine.  She is currently trying to figure out why she chose to live in rain!  In her spare time she likes to go to Seattle Storm and college basketball games, watch all types of sports, eat chips and salsa and give out high fives.  Come in and get one!”
Meet the team at City Hardware...always reading to lend a helping hand with your projects, big and small!
East Coast meets West Coast with our newest employee James Henebry.  Coming from the Sunshine State, Florida, James brings to the City Hardware team his knowledge and expertise in retail and customer service.  He is a creative fellow and enjoys painting and d.i.y. projects around the house.  So the next time you drop by, don't be shy, he'll help you with that d.i.y.  Oh and by the way, he likes to be called Jamie.
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Elisa comes to the City Hardware team with a bright smile and over 15 years of customer service experience.  Growing up on the sunny beaches of California, she has traded her surf board and iced tea for hiking boots and breve lattes here in Seattle for the past 4 years.  With a vast and varied taste in music, you'll find her whistling while she works and helping customers find what they need.